Your Fireplace Works, But Your Chimney Is a Mess

Choose the chimney repair experts in Derby & Hamburg, NY and surrounding areas

There's nothing quite like a warm fire on a cold winter night. But, what if the hearth or chimney is in disrepair? The team at Southern Tier Residential can help. We can repair or revamp your fireplace so it matches your décor and looks great, even when not in use. Our team offers a complete line of chimney repair and replacement services.

You can trust our professional staff to:

  • Add a natural gas insert to your fireplace
  • Repair or completely replace your chimney
  • Seal the duct and exhaust on your natural gas fireplace for safety
  • Build custom hearths and mantels

Whether you want a large, stately hearth or a simple gas insert, our team is ready to make it happen. For expert chimney replacement or repair in Derby & Hamburg, NY and its surrounding communities, choose Southern Tier Residential.